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HDS Virtual competition

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

How it works:

For a limited time, there will only be 12 spots available for each category. You can record and edit your videos with creative edits. Record the routines anywhere in the studio, at the beach, in the parking lot or on the playground. You can use whatever props, customers or makeup and lighting you want. The best part we want you to introduce your routine as well, tell us your name, your class, your teacher and something about your routine, maybe give a shot of your mom.

This is your Pre-Interview. So make your own and have fun!

1, Register online with $12 per entry

2, Record the dance of your category with instruction of it, ’Choreography’ categories may be longer than 2 mins. With or without costume or makeups

3, Send to us before August 23 by a video OR upload to your youtube channel

4, On Aug. 30, we will live stream on zoom and teachers will give critiques

5, Vote for your favorite dance on the HDS youtube channel

6, Awarding ceremony on Sep 6th, and live acceptance speech

We’re hosting this event as an HDS activity and to showcase the hard work of the dancers and their practice in place of all the dance competition cancellations.

Reminder HDS will always provide you with the opportunity to Dance. Get those videos ready! We can NOT wait to see you all turn in!

Register Here

Now HDS Ballet APP is ready in the APP Store and Google Play, Download now, registers in the App and Enjoy!

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